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Compatibility & OS Support: Windows 10 and 7
Xera Status: Online

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Where can I find XERA Hacks?

We’ve got them right here. We’re the only site that offers legit hacks for XERA Survival. Our hack comes with cheats to improve your gameplay like being able to see enemy players at all times. You don’t have to guess their locations anymore, and you can prepare your attacks as a result.

The best part of all our hacks? You can play worry-free, knowing that you’ll never get detected and ultimately banned from playing the game. We would never risk the accounts of the gamers who trust us. Countless hours of fun await you. Easy-peasy! Once you download our XERA Hack ,you can rest assured that you’re getting a comprehensive cheat list, much more complete than what other sites are offering. Stormcheats is the best source for wide-ranging and undetectable hacks.

Now that i purchased. How do I download the XERA Hack ?

Downloading our loader won’t take more than 2 minutes. Here’s a quick guide to get the XERA Hack. Signup and pay the month subscription in order to be a member of our website. We only allow hack access to those who have registered and paid afterwards.

Customizable Aimbot

  •  Aimbot ON/OFF (R)
  •  No Recoil

Full ESP Features

  •  Player & Robot Box
  •  Distance in Meters
  •  Player Names
  •  Display Player Name
  •  Show Health Bar 1-100

Miscellaneous Options

  •  No Special Features
  •  External (Streamable OBS)

Stay tuned with our changes and be god-like in-game with our currently Undetected Xera Hack which is the only safe and cheap cheat in the market.

Is it safe to play with your XERA Hacks?

Absolutely. We guarantee that our xera hacks always go undetected because our coder stay on top of that every single day and be alert on every game update or patch. Every time XERA gets updated, our coder is on it right away and testing several time before allowing you to inject. If one of our cheats go maintenance you will see the status market as red in our custom loader and the load button will be unavailable.

If you get our XERA hack download and notice that it’s down for a couple of minutes, that’s usually because we’re uploading a few minor updates here and there. We make sure we protect our players give them what they pay for. As you can see from the many positive reviews we have online; we’ve built a community of happy customers. We’re hardcore gamers ourselves, so we know what makes a good xera hack and what kind of cheats any kind of player would want.

Does your XERA Cheat include an Aimbot?

You bet it does. A thoroughly tested and very intuitive Aimbot is included in our XERA Cheat so just set the Aimbot key, and it will do the rest for you. Getting our ESP alone gives you a significant advantage over other players. But with our XERA Aimbot, you’d be practically invincible.

How can your XERA Cheats be able to improve my play ?

Leaving the Xera Cheats aside for now, the XERA Survival’s first hook is its PvPvE mode and we all know that in this type of game, it takes a while to build up your skills and get the best weapons. Games that have an open world to explore automatically means that you have to log in hours and hours into the game if you’re to expect to get far in it. If that part of the game doesn’t interest you very much and you’d like to jump in fully equipped and leveled up, then our XERA Hack is perfect for you.

If you’re worried that using our XERA Aimbot might make the game too easy for you, always remember that all our hacks are fully customizable. You can change its settings to play at the difficulty that you want. You can even give yourself a handicap if you’re the type of player who likes a challenge so just turn our XERA ESP only and ignore other feature.

Has anyone been banned from the game using the XERA ESP?

No. We’re pleased to report that none of our customers have ever been caught using our XERA esp feature only and right now there is no ban or report system so you can abuse the other features accordingly. Our Xera aimbot is made to bypass hack detection software encoded into the game by their developers.

Other sites make you pay for their hacks and don’t care whether you stay undetected or not as long as they get your money. We don’t believe in that kind of transaction. We take care of the players who trust us, and we make sure that they’re always getting their money’s worth on all these hacks.

Our coder has dedicated the most time into perfecting the anti-cheat software. This is what our coders spend a lot of time developing because other cool features would be a waste if the software will get your banned from the game after a few minutes. Protect your account by choosing only our XERA Hacks within our competition field.

Remember, these are the basic features of our XERA software. You could get far in the game with just these features alone, but the list doesn’t end here. Go ahead and register on our site so you can check the XERA cheat inside the game in order to see the full list of features that our hack comes with.

Our review of XERA: Survival

We love an open world game survival game. That's why we were so thrilled when the demo for XERA came out. We wanted to see where the developers would take it, and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it’s not like any other survival game out there. Yes, you’d be up against other players, but the world is what sets this game apart. Aside from the usual PvP mode, there’s added difficulty in the game because you also have to fend for yourself against enemy AI bots that keep reproducing.

The overall tone of the game is very eerie and enough to keep you on edge. The action can get pretty intense, and you have to strategize your attacks. Otherwise, you’ll just keep dying (which can be very irritating). We love the graphics of XERA. Since this is a survival game, you truly feel immersed in battle because of the weather programming, the realistic buildings, and the general atmosphere.

Resource gathering is another facet of XERA that might make you interested in our progam. It takes hours to collect health kits, weapons, food, and ammunition. Our XERA hack comes with an ESP that will make all these items detectable in your map. You don't have to lose days looking for things instead of engaging in battles. The use of our features will also level up your character in a fraction of the time it usually takes. Overall, we can’t get enough of XERA.

XERA: Survival tips and tricks

1. The best kind of sustenance to collect is canned food. These keep you fed and hydrated.

2. When you’re fighting off a couple of bots, always be aware of your vertical surroundings. Even Model Y bots can jump onto buildings. We were hoping that this was just a bug, but the developers don’t seem to have plans of changing it.

3. Lead Model Z bots to where other bots are. Their explosions can damage anything, even fellow bots.

4. Take advantage of bad weather by using this time to cook and upgrade weapons.

5. Always go for a headshot. Shots anywhere else will only damage the bot. Use our hack to get a clean headshot every single time.

6. Always keep your health in check. If you happen to die as you gain enough XP to reach the next level, you will respawn with your XP significantly lowered.

7. Get our XERA hack and don’t waste your time building up your character when you could be eating bots for breakfast!

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