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Why should you use our RUST hacks ?

With or without our RUST hacks a lot of elements in the game can be really frustrating Eventually, you’ll even stop to appreciate how beautiful the game looks just because of how harrowing the gameplay is. Sometimes you just want a nice, relaxed game where you don’t have to worry about enemies or gathering supplies. A lot of members from our team play this game purely for the building aspect of it. It’s fun to just set up camp and take in scenery. Our rust aimbot will let you do that. But maybe that isn’t your thing and all you want to do is gain experience by wreaking havoc on other players. Our rust cheat will let you do that too. Below, we’ve listed the features that our software offers and we’ve also explained a few things that make our features stand out from the rest. Other sites will try to convince you that theirs is the best and will never be detected but spare yourself the trouble of being banned from the game and spending money on other fake rust cheats that don’t do anything.

RUST Hack Features

Our RUST Hack has lot of new features implemented that will help you survive any encounter with other players. Take a look below!

Aimbot & Other

  •  Full Auto Aimbot
  •  Custom Aim Key
  •  Auto gather
  •  Set your Run Speed
  •  Adjust Daytime/Night time
  •  No fall damage
  •  Super Jump
  •  No Recoil & No Sway
  •  Teleportation
  •  Open All Doors

ESP Features

  •  Customizable ESP Color
  •  Box/Skeleton ESP
  •  Head Circle ESP
  •  Name ESP
  •  Distance ESP
  •  Healthbar ESP
  •  Animal & Resources Visible ESP
  •  Animal, Zombie ESP
  •  Render Player,object distance
  •  Added Snap Lines ESP

Miscellaneous Options

  •  Custom Crosshair Color/Size
  •  Custom Crosshair Structure
  •  Auto switch target
  •  Nearby Enemy Alert

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The gameplay of Rust

There is no tutorial for this game and the gameplay which it offers, overall we think this is pretty fitting. You’re left to own devices to survive. That means the game isn’t going to help you at all. The crafting system is very intuitive. It doesn’t take a genius to build simple tools that you’re going to need. You’ll have to think a la caveman and see what you can devise with sticks and rocks. The gameplay can get quite aggressive. We guess that’s just a reflection of how humans are. This is not the kind of game where you can build a community out of nothing and live in peace (although it can be). It’s mostly just strangers doing horrible things to each other. But that’s the fun of it.

Naked and Alone in the Woods ?

You find yourself naked and alone in the woods and you have to fend for yourself. That’s Rust - a survival game by Facepunch Studios that lets you use nature and your instincts to stay alive. This game is awesome. The graphics are topnotch and you’re basically free to do whatever your little heart desires. You can focus on surviving by building a base and gathering supplies or you can take the naughtier route and steal what another player worked hard for. This is a game that lets you explore what you could be like in a dog-eat-dog situation such as this and without a paid rust hack for 2019 is though to survive. And it can be funny! This game is so hilariously antagonistic, letting you see how people behave in desperate times. The voice chat lets you interact with other players, making the game more realistic. You’ll hear grown men squeal from surprise attacks. There is no grand plot and no way to really win. All it is, is just a fun battle royale where only the toughest survive.

Exploring our hack for rust and our auto gather feature

Right off the bat, ourhack for rust supports both versions of Rust - Legacy and Experimental. So you don’t have to worry whether this is going to be compatible. As you know, Most survival games are basically focused on collecting. You want to gather as much supplies to build better bases and weapons. You can’t really do this efficiently if you keep running into and getting killed by other players. This is especially hard when you’re just starting out in the game. You don’t have much to defend yourself with and the best you can do is to avoid other players. We totally get how this can be disheartening - seeing other players progress in the game by murdering everyone they encounter and looting away. How do they do this? They’re most likely using our rust esp. Why not give yourself the same advantage to level out the playing field? With the auto gather hack, you can gain items automatically without having to grind for it. Gathering supplies takes a lot of time. Just to gather wood, you have to dedicate days just chopping down trees. Well, you’ll never have to do that again if you don’t want to. Plus, it makes the gameplay a lot less tense because you don’t have to be scared about other players stealing your stuff.

Getting to know more about our Rust Aimbot and ESP.

We’ve optimized our rust aimbot to get you the kill every single time. All you have to do is set the aim key and let the aimbot do the work for you. If an enemy appears in your field of vision, lock on the enemy as a target with the bot and shoot away. Your target may run away or hide, but the aimbot will stay locked on to that target no matter where it goes. To shoot, you just have to release the aim key. It’s so easy. That’s one less nuisance to deal with. But what if you have a lot of enemies that you want to target? We got you. Our aimbot can toggle through multiple targets, letting you kill all those who are coming at you. Let the bloodbath commence. Our ESP feature is extra useful since this is a survival game and it’s hard to navigate your map when you’re blind. This can be really nerve-wracking because you’ll never know if someone is lurking nearby. Well, our Rust ESP eliminates that problem for you. Now, you can track and locate other players, animals, supplies and weapons in the game. Everything will be visible - ready for you to kill, collect or loot. The best part about this rust wall hack is that it’s fully customizable. You can adjust the colors and assign whichever color you want for each component in the game. This is super handy when you’re exploring a forest for supplies because you’ll never be blind. All enemies stand out even if they’re far off in the distance or they’re hiding behind trees or rocks. If you know where your enemies are, then you plan your attacks based on their location. If you know where all the pickups are, then you’ll never have to miss an item ever again. After the succesful payment has been made, all you have to do is download rust hack from our member panel and enjoy the cheat.

rust box

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