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Hunt Showdown Hack - Normal and Silent Aimbot, Full Player ESP, Item ESP, & More

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Compatibility & OS Support: Windows 10 and 7
Hunt Showdown Status: Online

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Looking for strong Hunt Showdown Aimbot and other crazy features?

Just like our other game cheats, our Hunt Showdown Hacks will give you the same adrenaline and thrill, the moment you inject it into the game. Our features have been refined and the cheat will be available for download as soon you pay for the StormCheats membership which include our other games as well. We really worked hard on the ESP colorizing and fixed the game crashes and we do hope that you like our new version of Hunt Showdown Hack.

Our Hunt Showdown Cheat use high-quality code which makes the progam undetected even by the Easy Anti-Cheat or short spelled "EAC" which belongs to the game developers. Are you searching for the light ? because our cheat will help you spot everything even when it is dark as you can easily spot any Zombie that waits you in his hideout, thanks to our Fancy Player ESP which gives away their location and smell targets up to 500 meters.

The game is getting old but it still have a nice and small playerbase which loves hunting zombies, it's always refreshing to use some sort of Hack to make the game less boring.

How to utilize our Hunt Showdown Cheats and stay safe?

Our Hunt Showdown Cheats esp is special and always allows you to see the location of everything on the map including every monster, player, bosses, items, ammo boxes, bear traps and other objects through walls. You can also see the health, bounding boxes and a lot more, thus giving you a clear advantage over the other players. This is a powerful Hunt Showdown hack so to be fair to “fair” to other players, we recommend that you only use this against 2-man stacks in order to avoid getting picked up by the EAC team and get your account suspended.

Customizable Aimbot

  •  R/L Click Aimbot
  •  Silent Aim
  •  360 Degree Aim
  •  Adjustable Lock
  •  Select Head/Chest
  •  Aim Visible Only

Full ESP Features

  •  Player 2D Box
  •  Health Display
  •  Distance in Meters
  •  Display Player Name
  •  Item & Traps ESP
  •  Bear Traps/Ammo Box
  •  Multi Target Colors

Miscellaneous Options

  •  2D Radar

How many Hunt Showdown Hacks did you tryed? Becase right now, our cheat is currently working and updated while our competitors won't waste their time on this small market game.

It's hard to launch Hunt Showdown Cheat in my PC?

With the help of our Hunt Showdown ESP, you can farm the monsters for money and XP, find bosses and avoid enemy players in all the ruckus. Using our Hunt Showdown Aimbot will require some sort of self abstain as you cannot roam and go ahead on a player killing spree, because you will get reported and banned in few hours. You only have to activate the aimbot only in Pve, so aiming in Hunt Showdown would require your own skills.

A good quality Hunt Showdown aimbot stays on sleep mode until you press or hit your aimkey (hotkey or mouse). It will then lock on to the enemy/moob/zombie nearest to you and fire upon them. You can actually configure it in our custom menu, so your hits are always a body shot or a head shot at choice. We do not recommend the use of aimbot for Hunt Showdown. The first reason is that it removes the fun in this type of gameplay. Second, by using any sort of aimbot in PvP can get you banned quickly from the game. Hunt Showdown is a permadeath game, which means players cannot reappear when killed. Generally, players hate it when they die quickly or early in the game. If they become suspicious of anything that killed them in the game, they would most likely report you immediately.

How is the Development going on for the Showdown Game?

The developers announced the Hunt: Horror of the Gilded Age back in the second quarter of 2014. They wanted to add co-op features to this game as a successor to Darksiders (another game) and checking on the possibility of creating a co-op game with four players. After deliberation, they decided on a game with a wild western 19th-century terrain, weapons and even characters from that period.

A lot of people, however, compared the new game to The Order 1886 due to their similarities, to which the Hunt developers pointed out that the newer game has trendier weapons and costumes with a more authentic era. This game carries the gameplay DNA of the Darksiders but with more modern and unique villains. It would also utilize procedurally generated objectives and maps. On 2017, they changed the game’s name from Hunt: Horror of the Gilded Age to Hunt: Showdown.

Our opinion and some tips about the Gameplay Basics

In Hunt Showdown, you have to battle demons and monsters who encroached upon your territory. Their death is your bounty. This is a first-person hunting game but there are other teams who are also out for the bounty. You can enjoy playing the role of an agent searching and hunting for monsters. Each team’s players need to kill around one to three demons or monsters to get their bounties and move up a level.

Once the player appears at the game map’s edge, they should start finding clues and hints to locate the monsters’ abode. When they find it, they can either collect the treasure, kill the monsters or wait for the others to attack the base and join the fray. This game requires strategy, quick wits and smart maneuvers to score.

A barbed bomb is a rougher but more lethal version of a homemade grenade. It has an impact trigger of 360° attached to it that sets off a fuse. When you have already implanted a barbed bomb, it remains hooked until it explodes causing more damage to the hit area.

Also you should be wary not just of the monsters but also of the other PvP hunters which are players just like you. They are other teams and players in the game who are also tracking monsters. Some of them might not hesitate to kill you if you get in their way. Some might be after the booty you collected from killing those monsters. Do your best to evade the other threats be it a fellow hunter or a monster and make sure that they do not catch you.

The developers had made sure that there are numerous monsters of different types. The game will test your wit on making sound decisions and strategies quickly not just in locating enemies but also in avoiding them.

Be weary of the Meathead!

The meathead is a terrifying monster you should watch out for when hunting for bounty with the secret hunting society. This monster is gigantic, headless, humanoid and somewhat bloated, with leeches as hair.

Mission of the Secret Hunting Society

Your Hunting Society Team will go out to hunt monsters and look for treasures. However, you have to be very careful as mistakes can cost you your life. Keep in mind that Hunt Showdown is not about looking for treasures but hunting for monsters to find out the truth and clear your mission.

As we have mentioned above the era for this game is set in the Wild Western 19th century. The game starts with three hanged men in Blanchett cemetery who are escaped prisoners. Your first mission is to search for clues and find the monsters around town.

The Letter of Dr.Jones!

A letter addressed to the Director of the American Hunters’ Association, Dr. Jones will arrive. A character in the game, named Marie Leveau will then give out information about the secret hunting society and will warn Dr. Jones about the impending danger due to corrupt practices and shady characters. You will need to investigate this threat.

Lastly, you will have access to all kind of weapons before go hunting. This includes a range arsenal of Specter 1882 ,Wood Axe ,Crossbow ,Mosin-Nagant Avtomat ,Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol ,Sticky Bomb ,Concertina Bomb ,Caldwell Rival 78 Handcannon ,Dolch 96 Precision ,Knife ,Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez ,Sparks LRR ,Winfield Talon.

Hunt Showdown hack

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