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GTA 5 Hack - Aimbot, ESP, No Ammo Reload, Rapid Fire Primary & More

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GTA 5 Status: Online

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Is the GTA 5 Hack working for PC?

Our GTA 5 Hack is specifically working on PC multiplayer ,and all our features are comaptible with the online servers. A rumor is going around that there are working GTA 5 cheats for Consoles but that cannot be true, only gta 5 radar hacks are able to exploit the game packets and render enemies position on multiplayer. There is a undeniable fact that there are no real and working cheats for Console, PS4 or Xbox unless it's a radar type of progam however, the problem is that all radars are outdated by now, no developer want to continue patching because it's insanely difficult comparing to a GTA 5 PC Hack which focuses on getting the Enemy Position via ESP and see all status through the walls.

Purchasing separate devices to input the cheats such as Titan Two or Cronusmax Plus it's only for normal GTA 5 Single Player, you cannot cheat on multiplayer, however you can activate all kind of commands and enable the cheats with these 2 USB Devices that you can purchase from eBay or amazon! Currently at least half of the userbase is playing this game on the Console but don't let that dissapoint you, because unlike the console userbase you can use real & live working cheats for GTA 5. So, you’ll need one of these devices, your computer, and that’s pretty much all you need to get set up.

Is our GTA 5 Aimbot safe to use?

For sure. Currently we have the most undetected GTA 5 Cheat for the multiplayer PC version and all our features are up to date. Don’t worry, using our gta 5 cheat will not get your banned from the game and you can rest assured that Rockstar will not be knocking on your door, filing you for a lawsuit haha. Our GTA 5 Hack is internal, therefore the esp and wallhack is very smooth with no fps drops. You can see enemies position, distance, their HP and even their names. The GTA 5 Aimbot we implemented recently will help you deal 100% headshots landrate, the in-game aim assist will not help you much by it self, you will need our advanced aimbot to do the hard work and achieve the most kills.

Customizable Aimbot

  •  Right Click Aimbot
  •  Aim On/Off Toggle
  •  Simple No Recoil
  •  Select Neck/Head/Chest

Full ESP Features

  •  Player 2D Box
  •  Green HP Bar
  •  Distance in Meters
  •  Display Player Name
  •  Orange Visibility Check

Miscellaneous Options

  •  No Ammo Reload

We got the only working GTA 5 Hacks in the market for a low price of 39$ and currently Undetected. Is time to have fun!

Explanation of our GTA 5 Hacks Features

These features are for the Console Single Player version so you will need Titan Two gaming device in order to input the macros/commands, The Rapid Fire can turn any semi-automatic weapon to a fully automatic weapon with this cheat. This won’t really make your gun shoot faster, but it will reduce recoil. Less recoils mean more ammunition saved and more headshots. There are three mods for rapid fire: optimized rapid fire, rapid fire and pulse rapid fire. You’ll be able to adjust the speed to your liking and spruce up any weapon that you’d have on hand. The Secondary Rapid Fire will automatically be enabled if your primary weapon is not working.

The Vertical recoils slows you down so our New No-Recoil feature is a great mod for that. You can adjust the parameters to set the compensation you want in our in-game Menu. Auto-aim fixes your aim to the nearest target while firing your weapon. You can disable or enable this any time you want and then comes the Slowmotion aim which is the alternative to auto-aim and it will slow down time whenever you’re focusing on a target to do it yourself. Turbo Melee will allow you to stop mashing on the melee button repeatedly and this is also better for your thumb, we have added this feature in order to make the game more enjoyable and keep your hands from bleeding, a joke of course.

We also added an Auto sprint feature because you know that running is unavoidable in the game. Sometimes you’ll have to sprint before you get to steal a car if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. It’s funny, but sprinting can be exhausting even if you’re just using a controller because you have to constantly press the sprint button and our mod eliminates that. With the Slidey Cars you will Drive around as if someone had just spilled grease all over Los Santos.

Perhaps you’d like a more easygoing game so lowering or raising your wanted level might be what you need. You can commit as many crimes as you want without alerting the po-po. Or maybe you’d like something a little more challenging and have helicopters on your trail without even doing anything. Moon Gravity will have your character bounce around as if he or she is on the moon. Lastly the Fast Travel will let you respawn in the location that you want without having to run or drive there.

The GTA 5 Hacks features we mentioned above are for Console Singleplayer

Keep in mind that all these gta 5 hacks are optional and can be turned on and off to suit your liking. The novelty of being in god mode will wear off at some point, so you’ll be able to tweak these cheats to however you like without compromising the game’s overall difficulty. If you want to cheat on Multiplayer PC version then go ahead and buy our membership then you can get access to our gta 5 cheat loader and inject the progam right away. You will be able to see everything that moves! Keep in mind that all these cheats are optional and can be turned on and off to suit your liking. The novelty of being in god mode will wear off at some point, so you’ll be able to tweak these cheats to however you like without compromising the game’s overall difficulty.

Useful Informations about Grand Theft Auto Online might come in handy!

GTA 5’s online multiplayer is way more entertaining that playing solo, but there’s no denying that in order to get anywhere, it requires considerable “grinding.” . Well our GTA 5 Cheat covers that part and makes the game not only fun to play but extremely easier and less stresful. Make the game going faster and to restore the fun that GTA 5 Online has to offer today.

GTA first came out in 1997 for the PS1 and paved the way for open world games. Fans have not been able to let go of the addictive franchise and Rockstar Games was not going to let that slide. Since then, they’ve come out with four more installments as game consoles have progressed and gotten better. Finally, they’re able to pull off GTA’s immersive, unique, and rich story lines now more than ever because of the amazing bounds that the game tech world has been taking. They were also able to pull off renewing the franchise with each installment. Each new one is not the just a revamp of the previous games and it shows in new elements and dynamics that they consistently provide us players.

The story of GTA 5

GTA is funny. That’s one of its biggest pulls. GTA 5 continues to amuse fans with its dark humor, providing players with a whole arsenal of inside jokes and references. So it’s no wonder why this game was such a hit in the first place. More mature players would be aware of the fact that it is a contemporary satire about modern crime empires that deal in stolen goods and drugs, all wrapped up in lucrative settings like posh villages, highend nightclubs and yachts - that is if you’re already rolling in the dough.

As with real life, it usually starts off with humble beginnings where you’ll make base in a cul-de-sac in the hood or a dumpy trailer park. GTA 5 is set in a post-economic crisis in in America - in the fictional city of Los Santos, to be exact, which is loosely based on LA and other California cities by the coast. Like LA, this is a place where the extremely wealthy really do stand out. You will have to play three characters in the story mode: Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

Michael De Santa is a crime veteran who retired in a mansion in Rockford Hills to go in hiding. He lives with his wife and two kids who hate him. He works with and trains Franklin Clinton, a black guy from the ghetto, to con people and teach him the ropes. This sudden activity from Michael made him visible to Trevor Philips, an ex-pilot and one of his old pals who has now become a boozehound and lives in squalor. Together, they wreak havoc in the city, relive their glory days, and train the new young pup. Each players is assigned different missions that make sense for their skills and the overarching storyline.

How is the gameplay of GTA 5 ?

What sets this game apart from others is how detailed it is despite its being massive. The map is huge, but they certainly didn’t skimp on the graphics and animations. It really is just a matter of the consoles matching up with Rockstar’s vision for the game. In fact, this whole engine is so impressive that they adapted it for Red Dead Redemption and LA Noir, two of GTAs popular cousins. The controls haven’t changed, but what they improved with GTA 5 is the combat - whether hand to hand or operating machines like tanks and helicopters.

The NPCs are well acted and a lot more natural than the previous installments. And the writing - oh boy, the writing. We would even argue that this is better than most Hollywood crime comedies of the century. It truly is a class on its own. Because it’s an open world game, you’re pretty much free to do whatever the hell you want. You can grope strippers at a nightclub first thing in the morning, you could take a nap, or shop for clothes. You could go online, drink smoothies, play tennis - the list is endless. And since this is Grand Theft Auto, you can drive anything from cars to motorcycles to speedboats, and they constantly update models you can drive in the game.

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