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Apex Legends hacks are now available ?

Good news to all the Apex Legends fans out there! It will only be a matter of time before you can use this cheat. It is the first Apex Legend Hacks and it will be available on our website courtesy of StormCheats. Yes, you’re not going to find these cheats anywhere on the Internet but here.

What are the Apex Legends Cheat features?

Words can’t describe how awesome the features of our Apex Legends Cheat are. It’s doubtful you’ll find something like this anywhere else online. Even if you get banned from the game, don’t worry because our hard-working team is making a new HWID Spoofer so you can come back to the game immediately. Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The Features!

Is the Apex Legends Aimbot one of the features?

It is no secret that a good Apex Legends Aimbot is something every fan wants to have access to. Have nothing to fear, gamer because it is one of the many features you can avail of once you buy access to our VIP forum. It won’t matter where your enemies are hiding because with the aimbot, you’ll kill all of them with ease. You’ll certainly have a lot of fun taking out all the baddies in this game. It is easy to control the Aimbot too as all you need to do is to hold the button and shoot the enemy. There’s no doubt you’ll have an easier time winning each battle with this awesome weapon. Your confidence will be at an all-time high once you get your hands on it.

Simple Aimbot

  •  Silent Aimbot
  •  Bullet Tracking
  •  Auto Attack
  •  Bullet Speed Increase
  •  Customizable Key

Full ESP Features

  •  Customizable ESP RGB
  •  Player Bone
  •  2D Box
  •  Player Name & HP
  •  Loot & Visible Check
  •  Healthbar & Shield
  •  All Level of Items
  •  Guns, Drug, Battery
  •  Bullet, Grenade & Bag

Miscellaneous Options

  •  Home Display/Hide Menu
  •  Speed Hack
  •  2D Radar
  •  Grenade Tracking
  •  Anti Breathing
  •  END / Quit Cheat

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Apex Legends Hack

Our Apex Legends Hack is not Mind Boggling! so hoes does this work?

The first thing on your mind will probably be how you can make our Apex Legends Hack work. The first thing you need to do is to register on our forum and immediately get VIP access. Once that is out of the way, download our Apex Legends ESP software and have access to all its incredible features. The best part is it won’t take you long to do it. In fact, it only takes 2 minutes to set it up and you’re good to go. All you have to do is Run our loader as Administrator and paste the key code we have given to you via member panel, then click on Start button. Simply wait 20 seconds and launch the game as the menu will appear by it self automatically.

Will Apex Legends Aimbot get improved later on?

Our Apex Legends Aimbot is basic for now because we are still in Beta Stage so don't expect to be perfect just yet. We have listened to your feedbacks and we are going to fix the 360 aimlock and the auto aimlock on your team as well.

Is this Apex Legends hacks detectable?

Well the truth is no and yes so by this answer what we are trying to say is that our Apex Legends Hacks are currently undetectable but there is no guarantees as we are fighting EAC / Easy Anti Cheat here. There are times when the game gets updated though. When that happens, you don’t need to worry because the cheat will automatically update too. There is no need to worry about safety either because we have skilled develpers working on the Cheat protection. It gets even better when the HWID spoofer gets released to the public.

While using it, you can get yourself banned but that won’t matter as it won’t have any effect. Once you change your HWID, you can get back in the game again. Yes, you won’t feel the effects of getting banned. Best of all, you can cheat all you want and not worry about spending for anything as the game is absolutely free including the accounts.

Apex Legends – A Can’t Miss Action Game

Published by Electronic Arts and crafted by Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends redefines the first person shooting game. Ever since it was out last February 4, it has captured the eye of fans all over the world because of its stunning graphics. It looks so realistic that you’ll think you’re actually playing it in real life.

Apex Legends is available for several game consoles like Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Not only is it possible to play with several players, it is also possible to customize the characters. The creators are very confident you’ll experience a game you’ve never played before. In terms of quality, it is above average. Even if I play the PC version of the game, we also list down the cheats for the other consoles.

Useful Tips about Apex Legends

While playing the game, it would be a good idea to use all the moving abilities like sliding and jumping. Besides, you can use your character’s abilities to gain rewards and power-ups. If you’re alright with buying them using the in-game money, that would be very helpful. It’s very beneficial to buy battle passes. Not only will you gain rewards and insurmountable stats, you can also buy rate items. Therefore, don’t regret about buying the battle pass using your in-game currency.

After completing a challenge in the game, you’ll get rewards you can use to your advantage. What’s amazing about this action-packed game is that you’ll battle enemies in a different environment each time. You can battle them in a high mountain in one adventure then move to a river in the next. Yes, the game keeps on getting better as you finish each challenge.

The story is very fast-paced and you can tell highly acclaimed writers were in charge of coming up with it. You’re going to encounter various villains in the game including hired killers thugs. With regards to the multiplayer mode, it is very similar to the one featured in popular games such as Fortnight and PUBG. The gameplay is absolutely great with incredible characters, challenging missions and cool weapons. You’ll never forget your reaction when you feast your eyes on the list of weapons.

Seriously, there is nothing more you can ask for in this game. You won’t have a hard time knowing what to do next either as you will be given instructions the moment you choose your character and play the game. You won’t have to worry about being in a location and not knowing what to do. You’ll devise a strategy right away to complete each mission and you’ll really be tempted to do your best. There are times when the enemy will come out of nowhere and inflict heavy damage on your chosen player.

Just like any other shooter game, the first task you need to do would be to select a skillful character. After that, you’ll need to defeat an opponent using your fighting skills and basic weapons to move on the next task. Once you complete that mission, you’ll be rewarded with stats you can use in future missions.

To make choosing a player easier, player stats are displayed including the amount of people they’ve killed. Of course, the larger the body count, the more impressive they are. Once you’ve seen the stats, you need to choose carefully so you will select the one that fits what you want in a player. One thing you must never forget is to always stay away of the busy zone. A lot of players make that mistake and they always pay the price.

The gameplay has noticeably seen a ton of Battle Royale features that got added and most gamers will certainly appreciate them. One excellent feature is when one player suddenly gets labeled as the jumpmaster. It is something the player certainly won’t expect. When that happens, everyone must stay glued to what that player will do because that player now gets to decide the designated areas of the teams in the battle zone.

If you don’t feel like handling the responsibility, don’t worry one bit as you have the freedom of turning over the task to another member of your team. When you see the Press button, know that it has the ability to unleash hell upon your opponents. Not only can it let you use a variety of weapons, it can also allow you to make use of useful skills. The game just becomes more addicting when you have a lot of weapons you can use. There is no question you’re going to be very confident with completing your mission. You can even use the Press button to ping objects to your squad members so they won’t have a hard time anymore. Perhaps the best part about the Press button is you can still use it even if you’re low on health vitals. Despite that, you’re going to still be confident in completing the mission and it is all because of the Press button.

Gameplay of Apex Legends

This is a shooter game like no other and the creators have focused on developing the gameplay. They certainly succeeded and it can be compared to recent games such as Titanfall 2. It has all the things you would expect in a shooter game but it is head and shoulders over similar games. Not only does it have outstanding storylines, it also has awesome graphics.

The game has up teaming up with two other players in fighting the bad guys. In fact, you can face up to a hundred villains in one mission. You will be tasked to do many different things including hunting for weapons and exploring new areas.

Your main objective in this game is to be the lone survivor while taking up hard challenges, unlocking impressive weapons, building great strategies and thinking of team different combinations to complete each mission. Just when you think villains are eliminated after they get killed by other players, they still can reenter the battling arena. To eliminate the baddie once and for all, your teammates must complete a specific number of tasks.

Characters to Choose From

There are 8 characters to choose from and all of them possess great abilities that will definitely help you in the game. Among the characters you can choose from are Wraith, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Bangalore, Lifeline, Gibraltar, Mirage and Caustic. In addition, you can edit them in the next step which is customization. It’s the time when you can use your creativity to come up with a good-looking player. What’s amazing is not only can you edit their appearances, you can also edit their voices.

They’ll definitely be interacting with many people throughout the game so an attractive voice is also important. All these characters have great abilities including throwing a metal shield. There is no doubt you will be impressed by what each character can do. You’ll definitely have a hard time choosing among the characters as they all have something different to bring to the table and they’re all useful.

For example, Mirage is a holographic trickster while Pathfinder is a forward scout. Nobody should ever underestimate any of the characters. Would you look past Bloodhound who is smarter than two people combined? Take your time in creating the character that you think will help you defeat all the villains and accomplish all the tasks in this game. It is definitely easier said than done.

Of course, that comes with the challenges of completing the game. Keep in mind that it is not possible to play these characters solo or by pair. It is a must to play with three other individuals. What’s good about that is you can meet other gamers around the world who share the same passion. Whether you win or lose, it is all about having fun with like-minded people.

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